Cloth Baby Wipe

Why use cloth baby wipes?

There are many reasons why you should switch from disposable wipes to our cloth baby wipes. Here are some:
  • Stain is removed faster andeasier, so your baby's skin is cleaner! The fibre in the material that we use for the baby wipes (i.e. cotton flannel) is very effective in trapping stain so even with one wiping action, most of the stain goes to the wipe.
  • Super absorbent and dries quicky. Cotton flannel is highly absorbent, but all at the same time dries very quickly for next use.
  • Help green our Earth. Disposable wipes are clearly meant to be disposed, so they contribute to the landfill, whereas our cloth wipes are meant to be used, again and again. You can be proud, knowing that you have helped improve our environment.
  • Save your precious money. While disposable wipes require you to buy them every so often, cloth baby wipes are a great investment. You buy them once and then you can use for a very long time.

Baby Snowdrop's Baby Wipe

Our cloth baby wipes are neatly crafted with a baby's comfort in mind. Each cloth wipe has a dimension of 10 by 10 inches and has two layers - both of them made of 100% cotton flannel for gentle contact with skin. They are highly absorbent to take up liquid easily, and are able to trap stains effortlessly. They also quickly dry so it be used next.

How to use it? Simple! Just add water. You decide how much water you want to put.

We have a total of eight different patterns for you to choose from, all at the same price of RM5 each. However if you choose to purchase 5 pieces of baby wipes, you'll get them at the price of RM22. Note the code when ordering.

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NOTE: Wash before using the baby wipes. They are machine-washable (put in a laundry bag/net).



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