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Why use cloth pads?

Simply put, you should use cloth pads instead because disposable pads and tampons pose a lot of health risks. So what are the risks of using disposable sanitary products?

The most commonly associated health risk for disposable pads is the toxic shock syndrome (TSS). There are few studies documenting the actual amount of chemicals in disposable menstrual products, but it has been shown that even a very small amounts of these chemicals have been linked to infertility and cancer. In addition, the chemicals react with menstrual blood to produce an unpleasant smell. Manufacturers are not required to disclose these chemicals on the label. Therefore, we don't really know what we are putting in contact with our most sensitive parts. While disposable pads may look white and pretty, they may be dangerous.

That is why cloth pads are created to avoid the risk of infertility and cancer among women. Of course, there are many other benefits of using our cloth pads:

  • Great for sensitive skin. Unlike disposable pads, cloth pads does not contain any harmful chemicals. They are less likely to cause rashes, contact dermatitis, as well as helping women afflicted with certain types of vaginitis. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, you may find cloth pads to be more comfortable against your skin. 
  • It is odourless. You might be surprised that your menstrual blood will not smell at all on our cloth pads, thanks to their breathability and chemical-free properties.
  • It is environment-friendly. Cloth pads do not contribute to landfill as they are reusable again and again. You can be proud, knowing that you have helped make the Earth greener.
  • Save your precious money. While disposable sanitary products require you to keep on buying them every so often, cloth pads are a superb investment. You buy them once and then you can use for a very long time.   

"If you menstruate for 33 years (between age 12-45) and you use about 20-25 pads per cycle, you will throw away 8,000-10,000 pads! That's a LOT of trash from a single person - and a lot of money and resources in the landfills. So why wait? Switch to cloth pad now. Make the world better and give yourself a little special treat!"

Snowdrop's Cloth Pad   

Our cloth pads are designed and crafted carefully for your comfort; made up of many different layers for optimal effectiveness. The topmost (coloured/printed) layer is made up of very soft 100% cotton flannel or minky for gentle contact with skin, while the bottommost fabric layer is breathable and waterproof PUL to prevent leakages. In between these two layers, there are more absorbent materials consists of Organic Bamboo and Cotton. Bamboo is a natural anti-bacterial. All of our pads comes with double buttons to suit your own size. Our cloth pads also dry quickly within minutes. These pads are also suitable for mothers during confinement (post-partum). 

We produce cloth pads with different properties, sizes, and absorbency. In addition, each pad comes with various colours and patterns - just select any to your liking!

Snowdrop's Cloth Liner

Our cloth liners are designed and tailored specifically for your everyday comfort; made up of 4 layers for optimal efficiency. The outer layer is made up of very soft, breathable 100% cotton flannel or minky for gentle contact with skin. Inside there are three layers of absorbent material for fast drying to provide you comfort and confidence. Our liners are also suitable for very light menstrual bleeding.

We produce cloth liners with various colours and patterns - just pick any that you fancy!

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