Testimonies - Cloth Pad & Pantyliner

" I received the cloth pads and the pantyliners, they are so soft and in generous size.. i'm wearing the pantyliner now so comfy terus order lagik hehe..
Dulu pakai the disposable pantyliner half day already bau semacam..now pakai cloth xde bau pun
and feels dry too "

- Lisa Gan -

" Ida dah dpt cloth pad last week, lupe nak bgtau, bestla ida dah try pun, period pun x leaking, nnti nak order lg la. TQ nisa "

- Farida Abdullah -

" Cloth pads dah sampai tengah hari tadi. Puas hati dgn kekemasan jahitan. TQ "

- Ermyza Mohd Dan -

  " Salam Nisa, It's me Sofya. I've got the pantyliners today.. I love love love the colour. They are so cute and neatly sewn. Good job. I gave them a pre-washed and will wear it as soon as they dried =) Thanks for the great colours!!!! "

- Izanin Sofya -

" I've never had that problem since I changed to cloth liners, and when you wear one of Baby Snowdrop's, you'll hardly notice that it's there, but trust me; it does its job perfectly well " 

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" The new limited edition pantyliners are sooooo beautiful!!!! The sewing pun slightly different ye?
And thank you so much for the replacements :) I think I will promote you on my Facebook account pulak :) Great work girl!! "

- Adline A.Ghani - 

" I baru nak try ur product baru dpt ur product from your reseller,nurul from cheras. satisfy wif ur product cantik jahitan x macam other handmade cloth pads on the market. Well Done! "

- Nurhuda -

" I amik Baby Snowdrop cp skit2 from ur reseller and jual, my customers ckp xpercaya cp Baby Snowdrop is handmade, mcm made from kilang, same je jahitan. Mmg puas hati, InsyaAllah bile budget dh ckup nnti nak amik direct from Nisa plak. " 

- Nadimah -

" Hi Nisa, I received the pantyliners and I love them.I'm glad i made the decision to try cloth pantyliners. Hope to make more purchases soon for cloth pads. Thanks "

- K. Somanaeswari -

" I mmg dr dulu problem with heavy period, everytime period makes me feel tension because I kena pakai adult diapers when period, very tiring and byk cost, now it has been half a year I pakai your heavy stream cloth pads, its very comfort to wear and jarang bocor except when I lupe tukar lama. And now I feel really confident with myself, my period no longer heavy mcm dulu, I tnye gynae if there's something wrong with my period when I switched to Cloth Pads. You know what gynae told me that sbb disposable pads yg i pkai tu yg cause my heavy period which is unhealthy and more risk to infertile sbb chemical dlm disposable pads tu. Some people might get lucky xkena heavy period mcm I, but I suffered because of the disposable pads chemical. Now my period is getting normal, x heavy sgt mcm dulu smpai kena pkai diaper. Alhamdulillah and thanks a lot Nisa "

- Salwa - 

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