NEWS: Cloth Pad & Pantyliner Price Changes

Our dearest customers,

We are announcing changes to the prices of our Snowdrop's Cloth Pad & Pantyliners. Please look at our Facebook page for the prices.

We understand this is not entirely good news for you, so we will try to explain the price changes as best as we can.

  • First, please note that we are not changing the price due to some lame excuses such as high petrol prices or things like that. We revise our price seriously and do it after rigorous discussions and reviews. We know that nobody likes to have prices go up.
  • If you have been following our products ever since they first started, you may notice that we have made many and continuous improvements to our products. From the overall shape and design of the pads and pantyliners, to the method and neatness of stitching, to number of buttons, to the number and quality of absorbent layers, right down to the packaging and labels - we have made numerous gradual improvements that many may not see, as this is our philosophy and we take pride in making the best cloth pads and pantyliners in the business. 
  • All these improvements are happening with none or very little price changes (yes, we love you that much!). We have been trying very hard to minimise the price so that you can enjoy our products at low prices. However, the time has come where we could no longer "subsidise" the many product improvements. The price changes reflect how much we have been suppressing the prices for you.
We hope our dear customers would understand this. Despite the price changes, we are still proud to claim that our prices are still one of the cheapest among the rest!

We also hope you that you will take great pleasure in enjoying our highest quality handmade Snowdrop's Cloth Pads & Pantyliners!

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